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Sebastião Salgado’s Amazing Captures of the World Around Us
katie hosmer,

In his ongo­ing series, Gen­e­sis, Brazil­ian pho­tog­ra­ph­er Sebastião Sal­ga­do takes us on an excit­ing jour­ney to see the world from new per­spec­tives. His ele­gant black and white images focus on shad­ows, lights, tex­tures, shapes,…

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Lake Shore Drive from the Hancock. 


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Photographer David Orias Makes the Pacific Ocean Look like Rainbows and Gold
Christopher Jobson,

Photographer David Orias relies on slow shutter speeds, precision camera movement and the rich light of dawn or dusk to capture these amazing images just off the California coast. Of these particular shots Orias says:I often use the camera to see …

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This is not Photoshopped. Image credit: NASA via APOD

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Link: Good Beer Hunting: Tenth and Blake — Friends in Low, and High Places

I work here. It’s rad. 


On its rise to becoming a national movement, the craft beer community has developed a rebellious vitriol for anything connected to “big beer.” There’s a lot of wisdom and experience behind the criticisms of the way companies like Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors and now InBev have strangled the…

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