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Postmark: February 11, 1909

What I find sweet is that Marion is all of 2 years old here (not even!) and she is getting Valentines from all over the place. This one is from her friends Edna and Rosa. Maybe they were some other toddlers from down the way?

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Postmark: February 14, 1910

On the front:

To my Valentine

I am thine as sure as fate and for thee I’m desperate, 

You may mock me with your smiles And sly coquettish wiles;

But in truth I’d make you mine, Sweetest dearest VALENTINE.

On the back:

“Ain’t it”

These are my favorite, when Charles just lets the postcard do the talking. I imagine him like my own father, painstakingly choosing a card that says what he is feeling.

I also love the design of this one, with the blocking on the front letter of each line. 

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ive been making shitty valentines all day


I am in love.

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1911. The front of the card reads “Somebody loves me-I ain’t going to eat no worms.” I don’t know if that’s a reference to the song? I couldn’t find anything about the origins. “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me…”

Card reads: “Dearie: No worms for me unless it is a hook worm. Dad.”

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